Warren Golin & Melanie

Warren Golin

I’ve been involved in the vacuum cleaner business for fifteen years. I worked for the leading chain, owned and operated a vacuum cleaner franchise, promoted a range of stick vacuums for two major brands and managed the floor care department in a top appliance retailer. I have seen the evolution of the vacuum cleaner from heavy corded barrel vacuums to light cordless stick vacuums. Stick vacuums now account for the majority of vacuum sales and accordingly the demand for servicing and repairs is growing. Stick vac services was established to service the demand. I consider myself an expert in stick vacuums, I am committed to offering the best possible service and take absolute pride in every job I do. 

Stick Vac Services

We provide quality customer service, our technicians are extensively trained and we have the necessary tools to complete your service or repair. We are up to date with the latest technologies and repair methods. A one week turnaround is guaranteed. We offer free pick-up and drop-off in selected areas.  

A good stick vacuum is an expensive appliance, some models cost well over $1000. A full service on your stick vac will extend the life of your machine and bring it back to optimum working order. In most cases all your stick vacuum needs is a thorough service and a professional clean to bring it back to full function. Keeping your stick vacuum well-maintained is the best way to eliminate unexpected breakdowns and repair costs.

We also offer an advice line. If you are unsure about what stick vacuum to purchase for your needs just give us a call.


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